Everyone has a background story and Jennifer is no different. She grew up in the greenhouses running around causing chaos with her little brother. She was a hellion and “bossy” as her brother not-so-kindly reminds her often. College led her to University of Idaho when she got two bachelor’s degrees in Public Relations and Communication Studies (Psychology background) and focused largely on event planning. Her dream job at the time was to go into major event production and plan ESPN’s winter XGames. She graduated in 2008 and the economy tanked. Moving to Portland, OR, she tried her hand at selling life insurance and dog-walking. After a year, she returned back to Idaho with a new dog in tow, Salomon, her beloved husky rescue. Jennifer began back at Jaker’s as a server and trainer and then transitioned to open Elevation 486 as the Assistant General Manager in 2010. She was there about 14 months before figuring out what her integrity meant to her and followed the path back to the greenhouses in early 2012. It was never in the plan to grow plants or work for her parents. (Her brother would tell a similar story) Her mother, Dana, looked through her job description and decided what she would like to hand off and hiring Jennifer at the Assistant Retail Manager at the time. The position quickly evolved to commercials and wholesale sales. She got her Master Gardener certification to try and get her head around growing plants and being able to help customers.

“Plain is boring so go live life in full color and make it exciting!”

Fast forward to today, she is one-half of the 4th generation family ownership and sits at the Director of Sales & Marketing. She does wear many hats at the greenhouse and often refers to herself as a “Jill of All Trades.” She does the tech, face-of-marketing, R&D and builds what we produce as far as a schedule and menu of product. It isn’t unusual for her to be in every greenhouse doing every job at one time or another. She teaches at CSI for the continuing education classes seasonally and serves on several boards both locally, state, and nationally. She is a proud Rotarian and helps plan the local Magic Valley Beer Festival. Jennifer thinks of Rotary as her “church because it gives her her feels goods”. She is married to her husband and fellow business owner of B&J Carpentry, Brandon. She is also bonus mom to twin girls who keep her on her toes with soccer games, homework and lots of skiing and adventures.


"Life begins the day you start a garden."

For hobbies, she loves to ride her Peloton, read a good smut novel, go hiking, skiing and snowshoeing, play with her dog, garden and cook. She is always in the kitchen messing around with some kind of food. She is self-taught in the kitchen but comes from a family full of cooks and amazing food. She would describe herself as a food snob and tell you that life is too short to eat bad food, keep bad company or not have fun. Jennifer is also known to go to several concerts and is a cult fan of the rock reggae group, Dirty Heads.