Life Long learner is a way I describe myself on the regular. I truly believe that life is what you make it and the only person standing in your way is you. I went through some terrible shit when I was a teenager even though I came from an incredible family. In turn, I was kind of awful for a slice of my life. In hindsight, that is not who I strive to be and I refuse to fall into bad habits or patterns and evolve. And also, give space for myself to stumble and learn as well and truly be a human living life. I follow the moon cycles and use my crystals as armor. That isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that is groovy, it is mine. 

In this area, I am going to explore my health journey, self-development and anything else that tickles my fancy. This is my area for wiggling as needed. I love to educate myself and find exploration of new things keep your mind sharp and your heart full. If you possess a curiosity about something, shoot out to me and let’s explore it together!

“Self awareness is a super power.”


Building your Badass-ery

Health Journey


Everything Else