Life is lived in full color if you are doing it right!

This is a podcast and YouTube for those who want to kick butt in the garden, kitchen and at life. I believe in life on full volume and will present the content as such. I am raw, out of the box, life-long learner that wants to help you succeed in the garden while having a bit of fun as well.

We want to dive in and explore that! We are going to talk gardening, food and the many footsteps that we all take in this life. We are an optimistic group and spend a bunch of time outside in the sunshine. Jennifer will be leading the charge and doing interviews when it is appropriate. We will likely evolve as we go and will begin to put the podcasts into categories so that you can pick what you want to learn about.

Some will be short, some will be long. We want to learn with you and guide you to developing your gardening skills and open your mind a bit in the process.

Podcast Topics

Flowers & Plants
Footsteps - the Journey through life

Something Goes here


They will eat it if it tastes good. Recipes that Jennifer promises won’t leave you hungry. And any other food nonsense of hers…


Growing up in a greenhouse has its perks and Jennifer will break down how to garden and actually get something out of it…other than dead plants.


Self development and pushing boundaries and growing as a human in this world is something that lights a fire for Jennifer. This is where we explore that.

About Me

Jennifer Moss has grown into an unapologetic powerful female who believes in equality, no judgement, soil and dirt heals, sunshine is medicine and what you eat fuels your life. She is a life long learner that is constantly looking to expand her mind and outlook. She challenges many things as life doesn’t happen in a box with a pretty little bow. It is messy and grand and she wants to celebrate just that with everyone. It is about the journey, not the destination!

In a more official capacity, Jennifer Moss is one of the 4th Generation Family ownership of Moss Greenhouses in Jerome, Idaho. She loves her pets, her husband…most of the time , her step-daughters, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, her Peloton, fresh food from the garden and a warm cup of tea on a cold night. She is a huge reader and leans toward a good smut novel to get her mind out of her day job and a great self-development book to help her push her boundaries of growth to the next level. She believes that the only limits are our own minds and lives to make everyone a bit uncomfortable so they too are forced to grow.